Ways to Save Cash During Your Move

Moving Tips & Advice

You think of moving; you think of stress, money, being unorganized, chaos and probably so much more. It doesn’t have to be this way though. You are able to minimize the stress and chaos with professional Grapevine movers, you can be more organized by starting early and being prepared and you can save some money with these tips and tricks that we put together to make your move that much more enjoyable.

1. Get rid of items you do not want or need! This should go without saying, but it comes down to this – the more you have, the more you are going to have to move to the new place which means more money and time spent moving it. The less you have, the better. Sell the items that can be sold and donate those that cannot.

2. Do not move the food with you if you can help it. Maximize the use of the current food that you have over the period of time that you have at the old home. The more food you consume, once again the less you have to spend money on to take with you. This is especially true for any frozen food.

3. Consider the time you are moving and if this is a peak time for everyone to move. Movers will charge more on these dates and if you can be more flexible with the days and hours that you are able to move, the less you will have to pay to have the movers move your items.

4. Save on the amount that you spend on packing supplies. Find already used boxes, ask stores and be able to pack with blankets, pillows, towels and clothes to keep the breakable items safe and sound when the time comes.

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