The Time has Come for the Movers

ready to move boxes

Today’s world is far more mobile than the old days. Generations used to live at the family farm to carry on the tradition. Now the home is still a special place, but it’s not usually the same property that cradled your grandparents through life. A move could be cross town, the next county, or out of state for many reasons. As we go through our lives and change locations, our number of possessions grows. The time comes when moving entails much more than a few pickup truck loads. When you are moving into, around, or from Southlake, and you need that helping hand, call a professional moving company. The right movers can do everything from packing to unpacking, removing this worry from your list. Local movers are basically working in their back yard. This means that they are working for your friends and neighbors at times. Ask around for references.


There should be much care taken in choosing the moving company that will transport all you own. This should represent the care you want them to take with your things and making sure that you have made a good business deal. Take the time to find some local movers in order to attain a few estimates. Do not accept an estimate over the phone. A salesperson from each company should visit the home to properly ascertain the cost of moving. A complete walk through of the home, including basement, attic and garage will reveal items to be moved. The visit becomes the time to get all questions answered also. Make sure the moving company you settle with leaves you with a feeling of confidence in their abilities. In order to stay within your budget, there may be more work for you. You may choose to do the packing and unpacking of everything but the furniture. It is recommended to purchase the packing materials from a moving service. The boxes are uniform and lend toward a better packed load on the truck. Leaving a longer window for delivery helps keep costs down. The tighter that time line is, the more the movers have to work around it, and may have to shuffle other scheduling.

This is a business that should be treated as an auto mechanic. There are many opportunities for a mechanic to use unscrupulous practices and charge for services not needed. Underhanded moving companies may try to do the same. Try to get a binding cost, rather than an estimate that may be low balled and then added to as the job goes on. If there are great differences in estimates, ask why. Some companies use practices and valuation of contents that others do not. Look for movers that have been in business for a long time. Ten years is a good benchmark, as they have had some long term success. A visit to the businesses will reveal the condition of their trucks and yard. That may be a reflection of their overall practices. The right professional movers will make this part of relocating a satisfying journey.

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