Simple Solutions for Moving and Unpacking

Moving Tips & Advice

Moving can be an exciting experience, but it can also prove to be very overwhelming. With the excess Texas heat and humidity, not enough time to spare and boxes to pack and unpack, things can get to be too much, too quick. Unfortunately, you have to unpack things to get comfortably settled in your new home. Instead of dreading the process of unpacking, try to relax and take a breather. There are ways to unpack that don’t result in high stress levels and can actually help you maintain some sanity. When unpacking remember to cut yourself some slack, prioritize and accept all the help you can get.

Neatly organized jewelryWhile it may be tempting to stack all of the boxes in one room try to veer away from doing that. Take a little extra time and carry the right boxes to their corresponding location. Piling them up in one spot causes stressful clutter that can actually take more time to unpack. Organize the boxes room by room. For example, the boxes labeled kitchen get placed in the kitchen, stack the boxes with bathroom written on them in the bathroom. When it’s time to organize room by room it will be easier because all of the necessary boxes are already in the right place. You can sense a bit of relief in knowing where things are when unpacking.

When you move into your new home there are things you need to do right away while other tasks can wait. First, unpack all of the necessities and get them organized in the proper place, this cuts down on time later. Before unpacking the boxes, try to envision what you would like each room to look like. If you start unpacking without a general idea in mind, it will just result in a tornado of your belongings strewn about the house. Once you have a layout in your mind, begin organizing the innards of the boxes neatly onto shelves and neatly into each room. It’s a good idea to assign everyone in the family a task, give them each their own box to put away and the process can go a lot more smoothly. Assigning everyone a task prevents them from running around aimlessly and getting in the way of unpacking.

Remember it’s important to give yourself a break, you’re not a superhero and everything isn’t going to be done within one day. Start with rooms that are frequently used, such as the kitchens, living room and bedrooms and save the rest for later. Oh and before you’re completely finished for the day, hang up some artwork or put out a few familiar knick knacks from your old house. Adding familiar belongings can improve your mood and make the new place feel like home in no time. Don’t forget to eat, food is very important for maintaining all of that energy required to clean! Order a pizza, take a nap and finish a few more rooms tomorrow when you’re well.

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