Your Quick Guide on What to Pack

Moving Tips & Advice

Having a quick guide on what to pack and how to pack can make the time process of packing shorter. This can be beneficial if you feel that you are overwhelmed with everything that is in front of you. You shouldn’t have to worry about forgetting something or not knowing what to do next. Step back, take a breath and begin. You will get there.

Items You Should Pack

  • Start the what to pack list once you have done the what not to pack list to ensure that you are working with less items in the beginning.
  • Pack the items that you rarely use first. This can be items that are decorative, pictures, books and anything else that is not regularly used. This can be easy and your home might start to look a little bare once this step is done.
  • Place electronics and breakable items in boxes and ensure that they are marked as just that. You want to ensure that this are taken care of the proper way and not thrown around.
  • Pack sentimental items next, you want to ensure that you know where these boxes are so they are not lost or forgotten in the move. Make sure to mark the boxes.
  • Pack everything else up, smaller to larger and label each box accordingly.

Items You Shouldn’t Pack

  • Go through all of the rooms in your home and get rid of anything that you do not use, need or want. You can consider three different boxes for these items. You can recycle them, donate them or put them in a box to sell. This will keep things moving and also keep everything organized. You can even get the whole family in on it.
  • Do not pack your valuables. These should be stored in a safe place and then brought with you when you live in your vehicle. You can place them in a duffle bag or suitcase and then set them aside for when everything else is moved.
  • Your open me first bags should be set aside. These are the bags with the clothes, kitchen and bathroom items and anything else that you are going to need for the few days when you first move into the new place.

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