Putting Together the Box You Open First

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When the time comes to pack the rest of your stuff up and move to your new Carrollton home, you have to consider what you are going to need once you get there. This is for the simple fact that you will need items and if they are scattered around in different boxes, what is it that you open and find first? By placing the needed items for the new home in one box, you can save yourself the scavenger hunt and be able to rest assured knowing you have it all in one place.

Your New Home First Box

  • Make sure you have soap, conditioner, shampoo, extra toiletries that may be needed within the first couple of days, a few rolls of toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste. These are all the essentials for the bathroom that can make a difference to have right there.
  • Your bedroom items should also be in this box such as pillows, blankets and clothes for that first couple of days.
  • Essentials for any kids that will be moving with you such as books, games, puzzles, toys and so forth to keep them occupied. If they will be staying with someone, then this might mean less you have to pack for them, but a couple things should be on hand.
  • Remember bowls, food, water and anything else such as leashes that you might need for pets that will be moving.
  • Having stuff for the kitchen to help you prepare simple meals is also a must since you want to ensure that you have the right items and so that everyone is able to eat when they need to. Don’t forget the cups, plates and bowls that might be needed and quick food to prepare once you get there.
  • Any expensive items, documents, jewelry, phones, chargers, glasses or contacts, camera, computers, tablets and so on should stay with you and you may need them when you get to the new home.

Your ‘box’ doesn’t have to be a large box but you can even pack backpacks for everyone like you are going camping. Having it all in one place is essential though, so think of them as carry on bags that are the last to go in the car with you.

Speak with us at Marvel Move about the Carrollton move that you are going to be making, we are more than happy to help you out and make sure you get the right movers for the job.

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