Protect Carpet and Hardwoods During Your Move

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When you are renting from someone in the Irving area and you want to ensure that when you move out, everything is protected as it should be – or else you’re not going to get your security deposit back then you need to know how to protect your carpets and hardwoods. This is because during moving, you may find that a lot of your heavier, larger objects can scratch and scrape against the floor and you do not want this to happen since it is exposing the carpets and hardwoods in the home to damage. So here are some tips and tricks you can keep in mind when it comes to moving your items, without ruining the floors in the home.

Protecting the Floors

Usually upon hiring a moving company for the job, they will usually protect the floors and walls when they move the items for you. You should still ask when you go to hire them if they will and how they go about doing this. If you are planning on doing the moving of the furniture and other items yourself, or if the moving company does not cover this type of protection, consider these tips for moving the furniture and sparing the floors of the home.

  • Place all of the items in the garage when you are moving, assuming you have one and then have the movers remove the items from the garage into the truck. Of course, you have to be extra careful yourself when transferring the items from the home to the garage.
  • Have everyone take off their shoes when moving the items from the home and out to the vehicles. This can be time consuming if they have to keep taking their shoes on and off but it can protect the clean carpets.
  • Check out carpet masks, rug runners and furniture movers that are able to protect the floors for some of the heavier objects when they are moved. Just make sure these items do not rip or slip when moving the items from one place to another. Tape it down if you find that it moves around.
  • Wrap the legs of the tables, chairs and other items using cloth of some sort to keep them from scraping against the floors when they are being moved out of the home and into the other one.

Hiring us means you can count on your floors staying clean and safe. We are able to provide the right help, when it is needed most in the Irving area. Contact us to learn more today.

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