Packing Service on Moving Day

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When moving to a new home, hiring a packing service may be the right choice. There are several options to choose, you might want your entire household packed or maybe just a couple of specialty items. Prior to hiring any professionals to pack, you need to weigh the cost against your energy and time.

You might decide you want them to only unpack or if you do not mind the cost, you can have them pack and unpack. Having a professionals unpack your home will give you time to go explore your new community or city.

Check out these few options available before making your final decision.

Professional Full Packing Services

The packing service company will first send a surveyor out to evaluate your moves details. They will make a list of every item needing packing, including you kitchen drawers, contents inside the cupboard, and your furniture. This not only helps them figure the cost for your move, but the service can find out what items are of value and need special care. During the survey of your household, valuables, including jewelry, paperwork, and artwork will be talked aboutfurniture protection

Usually, items you are taking with you on moving day, instead of the moving truck taking them, are packed separately from the rest of your items and put aside for you.

All your furniture in your home is dissembled, and wrapped up properly and secured using protective packing and padding. Every carpet is rolled and item are taken off from walls to get ready for the move. Professional packing services label boxes and sort them according to rooms.

The packing service will give you an estimate on the amount of time it will take to pack and how much it will cost. This is usually done in one day. The amount packing will cost depends on how much stuff and your timeframe. For instance, if you are in a hurry to move it will cost more due to more staff needed for packing. Ask ahead about resources, costs for packing supplies, and time.

The majority of packing services will have your house packed in a day. You save time and do not have to deal will living with a bunch of boxes.

Specialty Items Packed

You may be on a budget or only need some specialty items packed. Some packing services can pack specialty items, such as artwork, fragile, mirrors, and other valuable items. They will come to your house to give you an estimate. They will explain to you how your items will be protected.

Some additional items you may consider having a packing service take care of for you is antiques, chandeliers, vases, china, fragile furniture, or valuable artwork.


Some movers suggest professionals prepare large appliances for moving. If not prepared properly, if they do not work in the new home the moving company will not be responsible.

Hire a Packing Service?

This decision is something that needs to be made based on cost versus time. These services can be a great asset for you come moving day.

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