Organize Your Storage with a List

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Having to store your items might be stressful to you and this is something that you have to prepare for in the beginning. Whether you need the storage space that you are renting for a long time or a little, you should make sure to be as prepared and organized as possible when the time comes to ensure that everything has a spot in the home and to ensure that you are ready to go when it comes to feeling secure and confident about storing these items.

Keep track of your items using this list:

1. Make sure to inventory the boxes of items you are putting them in with the boxes neatly labeled. This is able to help you later on if you need to make a claim on missing or broken items. If you want to document what is inside the boxes, this can be done as well.

2. Document any of the larger items such as furniture that will be going into the storage unit, what each one looks like and any specifics that you might want to add so you know which items are which, specifically if you are storing more than one item such as dressers.

3. Document all of your electronics, the type and condition as well so you know what to expect when you choose to get your items back in the near future.

4. Create a to-do list of how you are going to stack the furniture and boxes inside the storage unit so you know where each of them is going to go and what order they can be taken down in. This can also help to ensure that you do not stack any of the heavier boxes on top of the breakable ones.

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