4 Essential Home Movers Documents and What They Mean

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If you are hiring home movers, you need to know what documents should be provided to you and what each document means. Knowing what each document means can make them less intimidating and help the move go smooth and successful.

Moving Estimate

The movers for your home will come to your house and assess all the household goods that will be moved. They will give a moving estimate copy to you. This document is meant to should show what type of estimate it is and how the home movers came to the amount they did. It is very important if you have any questions, ask them now. This includes questions about items that need special handling, due to the estimate will be increased from these. Remember, this first visit by the home movers is when all questions that are necessary need to be asked.

Order of Service

After your home mover’s initial visit and you accepted the estimate, you now receive what is called order for service. This document is the official contract set between the home movers and you. Order of service provides all the information about the move for you to know. This includes pick-up date, estimated delivery date, estimated cost, insurance coverage and contract terms. Some terms of the contract may include truck type to be used, cancellation policy, items movers cannot move, and any extra fees that may apply to the specific move you are doing.

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Order for service gives your permission for the home movers to move your items. Be sure you read over this document carefully. If you notice something that you disagree with, immediately talk to whoever is in charge. During this time you want to ensure the service you are getting is optimal.

Bill of Lading

Out of all the documents your home mover gives you, this is one of the more important ones. On moving day is when you will receive this document and it has the outline of your agreement with the move. Carefully, read over this document. This form should list the same terms that were agreed to earlier. Be sure listed fees are same as what was quoted. Bring any discrepancies up to the home movers now. Sign only when you are certain about these terms. Your home movers will sign as well and you get a copy that you need to keep with you. Bill of lading is the official move record and your service receipt.

Inventory Sheet

Come moving day, an inventory sheet will be given to you also. It lists everything the home movers have responsibility for moving. As item are moved from your home, they tag it and write the tag number on the inventory sheet. This sheet is used also for the arrival of your items. You will be asked to sign it after each item is accounted for. Make notes about any missing items or damage. Have the home movers sign that these items are damaged or missing. This is helpful for insurance claims.

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