Tips for Saving Money During Your Move

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Moves can be long, stressful and expensive; depending on the move that you’re going to be making. Make sure that you have the right amount of time, effort and even some money saving tips that can help make your move into a big success when you need it to be. It is that easy. With some of the experts out there on moving, we have come up with some of the best tips on saving some cash when the time comes to pack up your home and hit the road to the new place.

women stressed from movingSave Some Cash, and Save Some Stress

 When you’re hiring someone to do the move for you, make sure to find out all of the prices for the move. Have them compete with one another, and speak with the company about the discounts and specials that they offer. Sometimes, you can get a cheaper rate if you’re going to be moving during the week day instead of on the weekend, or perhaps they are running a special because business has been a bit slow. Make sure they put their estimate down on writing, so you can lock the price in when the time comes to hire them.

Be smart about the packing items that you purchase. You can find boxes from stores that offer them for free, because they are just going to recycle them anyway, so when you go and ask, they are more than happy to offer them. Also, you can use towels and blankets as packing supplies for breakable items, allowing you to save more when you do not have to stuff packing peanuts or other soft items inside the boxes.

Make sure you budget for anything unexpected that might come up. You never know this is a move. You might also want to set aside some cash for something to eat and drink during the move, since it might be difficult to locate the kitchen items in the new place and cook something up. You want to ensure that you’re prepared with the right amount of cash. Knowing this ahead of time can help make you feel in control of the entire moving situation.

Take the time to go through everything that needs to be done, and pace yourself for the move ahead. Know what your plan is, who you’re hiring and what you’re going to need. Make sure to go room by room through the clutter, get rid of items and pack the rest away for the move ahead. Making sure that you have everything down is always a good thing, since this allows you to stay in control of the entire move.

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