Making Your Move More Eco-Friendly

Moving Tips & Advice

If you are like a lot of people throughout the world, you will want to make your move a bit more eco-friendly. This can actually be done with a little information, research and tips that can give you all the information that you need to make your move go smoothly and eco-friendly at the same time.

While Packing

Reuse is the biggest word you can do here. This is because you are able to take used boxes and repurpose them without having to buy and waste more boxes. You can use alternatives to pack with such as totes, reusable bags and so on to pack your items with. To keep things safe use soft items from around the home instead of bubble wrap such as clothes, towels and blankets. Make sure to recycle those used boxes that you used after you move.

While Cleaning

When cleaning the old home, consider using old rags that are able to be washed and used again instead of paper towels. Use eco-friendly, all natural products that do the job but also smell nice. You can choose to skip the chemicals and still be able to clean up the home nicely. Vinegar might leave an unpleasant smell so while cleaning with it, make sure to open the windows.

While Downsizing

While you are going through all of your items and getting rid of them, instead of throwing them out think about donating them or selling them first. You should recycle items that cannot be used again and are able to be recycled. This can allow you to give back to the community and provide something for someone else to use if they need it.

Speak with us here at Marvel Move, we are the local Flower Mound movers that can help make your move as eco-friendly as possible. Find out what we are able to help with on the move you are going to make.

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