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Moving Tips & Advice

Preparing your family for a move across the country can be a stressful time. Packing up your belongings and moving somewhere you are unfamiliar can be nerve racking, especially for your children. Keeping them calm and excited about the change is very important. The process in which it takes to move is a different story. Planning out your financial obligations before you move can keep you away from going over your budget. Moving can become expensive when you are relocating to a new state. Finding professional movers to assist you will allow you to move your belongings and save you money on making multiple trips.

A lot of moving companies charge by the mile and depending on how far you are going the price can become overwhelming. That being said professional movers will allow you the freedom to go ahead of them and get acclimated to your new home. You and your family will have ample amount of time to set up the things that are first priority like the kitchen and dining room. A professional mover will also be able to set up the moving truck by room which allows you and your family to have much more organization once they arrive with all of your things.professional movers carefully moving china cabinet

Keep valuables close by

Although professional movers will take all precautions when packing your things it is wise to take what you can in your own vehicle. The fragile and precious items should be transported with the family to relinquish liability. Keeping your eye on the things you value is very important when hiring a professional team to help you move. Making a home inventory sheet will allow you to remember everything that was packed and what boxes they are put with. Color coating items from distinct areas in the home will make it easier for you to find them and place them throughout your new home. Organization will make your move easier and less of a hassle.

If you decide to send more fragile items in the moving truck make sure that all of your professional movers are aware of its importance to you and your family.  Give them a quick tour of your home before the packing process begins. Monitor their move especially if it is a day or so drive to your new home. It is important that you be present during your move or someone you trust. Never leave your home or moving van unintended because lurkers will have no problem in taking advantage. There are many professional movers out there and deciphering through the bad ones can take time but it is a necessary vetting process that goes into bringing complete strangers around your family and all of your belongings. Stay clear of companies who do not stay updated with your moving date details. Also know who is going to be there to make the move and how many are coming a week prior to moving. If details change with personnel make sure you give your consent beforehand.




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