Kids Bored During the Move? Play These Fun Games

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When it comes to moving from place to place with children, they can become quite bored. If you’re moving to a place that requires car time of an hour or more, they may want to opt out of the moving process. This can be a tiring time for parents, so there were games invented by children, for children to keep them busy during the long car ride that they have to take when you move.

Find the Letters of the Alphabet

This can keep everyone in the car occupied for quite some time. Everything that you see on the road has numbers and letters on it. You can use signs, license plates and even bumper stickers. Take turns finding the next letter in the alphabet, then go through numbers to see how high you can get with what is around you. You cannot use anything inside the vehicle though, or on your car since this would take some of the mystery and fun out of the game.

The License Plate Game

You can use the letters that are found on license plates to make up silly phrases. You can be extremely creative with this game and it will give everyone a good laugh – which is always good during a stressful move. One example would be TAG – toads are gonna get you! You can be as specific as you’d like or move the rules around to make up different types of games.

Create Your Own Story

Everyone takes turns coming up with ways to keep the story going. You do not win or lose in this type of game, but it can give everyone a laugh. The first person makes up the beginning and then so on, taking turns along the way. This gives everyone a chance to say a sentence or two and then build off the last person.

Whether you make up your own games or use one of these, the long car ride can be fun. You can make the most out of moving with kids when it comes to having something for them to do. You may be a bit stressed out, and that is okay but when everyone starts being silly and laughing, you will know you’re doing a good thing. If you’re working with a professional moving company, then you should feel even less stress when the time comes to move your family and your belongings. Lighten the mood, have some fun and laugh a little.

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