How to Pack Books for Your Move

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If you’re moving books, then you need to know the best way to go about this. You want to ensure that nothing goes wrong, none of them go missing and none are ruined in the process. The books you own are important to you, which means making the most of moving them is also important. So before you move ahead with the Dallas move that you’re going on – consider these tips on packing and moving your prized book collection.

Packing the Books

Make sure that each box you pack with books is under 40 pounds. Smaller sized boxes are ideal to pack with books and ensure that you do not go over this weight limit. They can also fit easier. The boxes shouldn’t have moisture in them since this weakens them. Always add double layers of packing tape on the boxes that are holding your books for added support. Add packing paper to the box. Make sure to group the books that you’re packing together by size. You want them to fit seamlessly within the box. Any books that are valuable or mean something to you should be wrapped with paper before being placed inside the box. The pages of the books should never touch one another, so make sure that they are spine to spine inside the boxes. Pack them with the pages facing up, flat on top of one another, or with the pages facing down to get the best results and the most use of the box. Fill in the spaces between the boxes with packing paper before you seal the box. Make sure the box is labeled and taped shut well.

Loading the Books

You do not want to overload the truck or container that you’re putting them in. Take the books one to two boxes at a time out to pack them up. You also want to make sure you do not crush them by putting them on the bottom of other heavy items. Pack larger, heavier boxes on the bottom of the truck or trailer and then place your books on top of these items so that they do not risk being ruined in the Dallas move.

Once you get to the new home, you can unpack everything and put it all away. All of the books that you packed up and put away should still be in good condition. You shouldn’t have to worry about something happening to your book collection along the way. This is an important thing to consider when it comes to packing anything worth keeping and not worrying about ruining. Many people just throw their books in boxes and wonder why they are not in good condition. It is because they did not take their time to properly package and load them onto the truck. Take your time and plan ahead.
Have a great move and enjoy a good read in the new Dallas home that you just moved into!

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