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Protecting your items and your furniture when you move is a big consideration to take in. This is because there are many ways to go about this. Your move should be simple, but without adequately preparing yourself and your items, you will find that it can cause a headache. Before you move to your new Denton home, consider these tips for protecting the furniture that you own – it can save you the headache you’ll get later on down the road.

  • Wrap up the legs and feet of the larger items in the home using soft cloth around each of them. Not only will this protect the furniture that you’re moving, but it can also protect the rest of the home such as the floor from damage when they are being moved.
  • Any fragile items should also be wrapped in soft cloth or bubble wrap before they are stored or boxed up.
  • Any mirrors or frames should be put in a box that is the same size as the item. This is to ensure that they are not broken during transport. Not only that, but you can easily find these boxes after the move and mark them as fragile for the movers.
  • For any long objects such as curtain rods, brooms, rakes and so on you can tie them together and place tape over the rope. This is to ensure that they are not randomly placed somewhere and then you cannot find them later on down the road.
  • Pillows and blankets are one of the easiest, most convenient and cheapest to use when it comes to separating objects that you do not want to bump together. Lay the blankets over these items, stick pillows in between them and do not worry about having to pack the pillows and blankets since you found a new purpose for them during the move.Speak with us here at Marvel Move when you’re considering moving your items from one home to another, we are able to help with the move and the packing. We can protect every little item that you own, so you can have a great move in Denton with a little help from us. Contact us today for more information and how you can get the help you need for the move you have to make.

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