Guide to Moving a Washer & Drier

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If you have a washer that needs to be moved from your old home to the new one, you need to ensure that you move it correctly. By not moving the washer the right way, you’re able to ruin a lot of components on it. Follow these step by step directions to ensure that you move your washer the right way. Once it is in the new home, you’re then able to get to washing clothes.

1. Clean out the washer before moving it. You want to make sure to run the machine, drain as much water from it as you can with this cycle. You also want to ensure that you wait a day to let the components dry before you try to move it from the current spot.

2. Shut the water supply off. You do not want to unhook anything and then be sprayed with the water that comes out of it.

3. Make sure the washer is powered off. You can then unplug it from the wall. This will ensure that you’re not harmed in the process.

4. Remove all of the hoses from the valves completely. Make sure to have a bucket by you while doing this. You will have extra water in the hoses so you need a place to pour it out. Disconnect them from your washer after this and place them somewhere that you can easily access them later on.

5. Put on the washer locks before you try to move it out of the place it is in. You can find how to do this in the owner’s manual for your washer. This stops the drum from moving too much during the transport.

6. Tape the lid to the washer closed and make sure the cords are wrapped up and not hanging on the floor. You want to make sure that no one is hit with anything or that you do not trip when trying to move it.

7. Wrap it up in padding to protect the outside of the machine from scratches and dents. You might have a harder time moving it than you think and this step ensures that nothing happens to the washer.

8. Use a dolly and a friend to move it. Washers are generally heavy because there is still water that remains inside it, even once it is all hooked up. You also want to make sure that the washer is strapped onto the dolly fully before trying to push it away.

Move to your new Keller home and enjoy the benefits of having your own washer and dryer to clean your clothes with. Once you move it, you can sit back and relax knowing that the hard part is now done. Speak with a moving company that knows how to move washers and dryers for you – so you do not have to go through these steps. It might be better to get the professional help instead of straining to move a heavy washer.

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