Five Items that are a Must Have on Moving Day

Everybody that has moved, knows how crazy moving day can be. No matter how much planning you have done, something can go wrong. Some stuff gets broke, you find stuff hiding in the back of your attic you forgot to pack, and so on. Best thing you can do is have the supplies needed, for these moments that are not expected. There are five items everybody that moves should have on hand, come moving day.


White Toothpaste

Come moving day, you realize there are some small holes in the drywall. Your landlord will deduct money from your security deposit, if these walls do not look smooth. This is what you want the toothpaste for. Of course, you know to use only white. Using your finger, dab a small amount of toothpaste into the screw or nail holes. Scrape any excess toothpaste off. Not use small amount of paint over the toothpaste, and your all set. Of course, spackle works better, but when there is none, toothpaste will work.

Black Permanent Markers

One of the most important items to have, permanent markers. You may have had plans to make a list, detailing what items are in each box. Of course, moving day is here and you realize you did not complete the list. Now is the time for your markers. Use it to write items names on the boxes which you have thrown in last minute. Most likely if not written down, you will forget which items they were. For example, phone charger, remote control to bedroom TV, and so forth, written on boxes.

Device with Wheels, Such as Skateboard

Wheeled devices like skateboards, can be great for carrying something that is heavy. These can be used to get heavy boxes from one point to another, without strain to your back. You need to be careful the boxes do not fall, but this is better than possibly hurting your back. Keep in mind, wheeled devices have a limit with the amount of weight they can hold. Be sure not to overload it.

Shoe Polish can Work Miracles Last Minute

Come moving day, you look at your white baseboards and notice a couple of scratches and scuffs. Your landlord is extremely picky, and you want to receive your whole security deposit back. Scratches and scuffs can be wiped away with using some shoe polish, white to match your baseboards. This will make the landlord pleased, seeing great looking baseboards.

Do Not Forget the Tape Dispenser

One thing for moving day you do not want to skimp on, is a tape dispenser. You want to purchase a tape dispenser that will not malfunction, while taping up boxes. You probably know how annoying it can be when taping packages, and the tape sticks together. Also, you do not need it to break before you are finished packing.

Do Not Wait to Purchase

Do not wait until the last minute to purchase these items. You have enough stuff to do moving day, and do not need to run to the store, as well.

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