Having Enough Boxes is Essential

Moving Tips & Advice

When you know you are moving, you usually start packing as soon as possible. This is to decrease the headache that might happen later on during the move. However, you do not want to out do it when it comes to the number of boxes that you might need for the move. Finding out the number of boxes can help you get the right amount without not having enough or end up swimming in a mountain of them.

Start the packing process by sorting through your items by category. Kitchen items, bedroom items, bathroom and so on. You need to consider the size of the items and the boxes that you get as well. You also want to take into account then anything that is breakable has to be packed wrapped so this would take up more space.

Get an assortment of different sized boxes to use for this move. You want to be sure to cover all of your bases. You also want to ensure that you do not pack any tools needed to take furniture apart, packing tape or markers to mark the boxes with.

Box Estimates

  • If you have around 2 to 3 rooms total, having 10 small and medium boxes each, plus 3 to 4 large ones can get the job done.
  • If there are 3 to 5 different rooms in the home, consider having 20 small and medium boxes each, along with around 9 to 10 large boxes.
  • If you have a pretty large family with 5 or more rooms in your home, consider 25 to 30 small and medium boxes each, and around 20 large boxes.

Every home is different, so you can go through yourself and decide what would be the best course of action is for the number of boxes you should be getting.

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