Common Mistakes Made Hiring Fort Worth Movers

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When planning a move in the Fort Worth area, you will need to hire professional movers that are reliable. There are some common mistakes people make, when looking for the best local movers to handle your relocation needs.

Not Getting More Than One Estimate From Moving Companies

Do not accept the first estimate you receive before shopping around. Receiving several estimates from local movers will give more information that will help in deciding which which company to use. The company you choose in the end, needs to be reputable with fair prices.


No In-House Estimate Received

Prior to hiring any movers, receive an estimate that is in-house. With technology today, there are several tools available to receive estimates online. While this is convenient, they most likely will be inaccurate. In order for Fort Worth movers to accurately access the weight and size of all your items, they need to give an in-house estimate. This helps ensure the estimate you receive from the moving companies, will be correct.

Not Inquiring About the Professional Movers Extra Fees

There may be fees added on that you are not aware of. Even budget movers have costs they need to cover. Some of these fees may be for the cost of tape, boxes, or shrink wrap, when your items are not properly packed. Depending on the distance, there may be fees added, having to carry your belongings up stairs or down, may incur more fees, as well. There is nothing wrong with asking several questions to the local movers. Before signing any contract, make sure to find out this information.

References for the Movers Not Checked

Even moving a short distance, references need to be asked for from moving companies. You are trusting these local movers with all your possessions, they need to be qualified and trustworthy. Ask for references from past customers, read reviews online, and check the Better Business Bureau online. If there have been any complaints, find out how they were resolved. Fort Worth movers will be happy to provide the names of past customers.

Moving Companies Not Given All the Information They Need

If not disclosing all the information needed by the professional movers, this can cause a cost increase when moving day arrives. One service that increases the cost, is if there are stairs the movers need to go up and down. An example would be, if they are not informed of stairs at the property you are moving to, the cost will be increased from the estimate previously given. When figuring out your moving budget, the costs need to be accurate.

Hiring the Lowest Estimate Automatically

The best choice of local movers, is not necessarily the cheapest. Look at all the information about the moving company, for instance their references, insurance offered, and the price before making your choice. The right choice may be the cheap movers, but be sure to compare everything. Fort Worth movers, want your move to be as easy and worry free, as possible.

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