Cleaning Your Old Home Before Moving Out

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You are just about done moving all of the items from the old home, to the new. This is the time where you are tired but you have to keep going because perhaps you are renting your home and it needs to be cleaned up. With this in mind, consider the lease that you signed and take the list of the items that need to be cleaned before you move out – you can use this as a check list as you go through and clean.


Always make sure to read any fine print that states whether or not you should do something before you leave and if you do not, prepare to give up that security deposit. You shouldn’t leave the home in less of a state than you moved in – this should go without saying.


  1. Start with your floors first. You should vacuum, sweep and mop all of them. If there are stains, odors or other problems then renting a steam cleaner that is professional grade can give you the power you need to pick them all up.
  2. Be sure to clean the bathrooms thoroughly. These are the parts of the home that are going to stand out if they are dirty, including the kitchen. You need to make sure that you get hard soap scum, mildew and so forth off of the shower and bath tub completely. Make sure to clean all fixtures.
  3. Clean out the stove and fridge in the kitchen thoroughly. This is an area that it will be noticed the most, especially if nothing is in the fridge. Clean the outside and the inside.
  4. Make sure to wash down the outside of any and all cabinets and doors. You want to make sure little fingerprints, mud or anything else that might have spilled is left there when you move.
  5. Walls are a must since nothing is in the home, so they are definitely going to stand out when you move. Washing them down completely can give the home a brand new look. Use mild soap and water or even vinegar and water can help to remove any build up, hand prints or left over whatever that was found on the wall.


If you need help when moving day comes, call us where we are able to provide you with a quick, easy and careful moving process. We are Addison moving professionals in the business and want to help as much as we can.

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