Avoid Scams When Hiring Movers in Texas

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Planning on moving from an apartment to a house? Or maybe you are moving from one house to another house. When hiring a Texas moving company to help, make sure you pay attention to the small details. These small things can help save you a lot of money from damaged property, and overall prevent you from hiring a shady moving company.

professional movers carefully moving china cabinetWhile you might want to be completely trusting in the moving company you are looking to hire, there are both good ones and bad ones. You might not want to believe that there are shady moving companies in the area you are looking to move, but there might be a company or two that are only looking at dollar signs and are not really concerned with the safety of your possessions.

One of the most obvious signs of a moving company that might be more of a scam than a help is poor phone manners. When an employee is rude or less than helpful when you call to hire the movers, take this as a red flag to move on. If a moving company has a website, and it looks very outdated, this is another red flag that it might not be a reputable company. If you feel like the movers you have hired are a little disorganized or are lacking in the know-how of a professional mover, this is another sign that your possessions may not be taken care of properly. While you might not see the signs right away, if you ever feel like something is not going the right way, you should trust your instincts before damages happen.

When hiring movers in the state of Texas, you should look into the reputation of the company. Read reviews, get recommendations from friends that have hired movers in the past, and definitely check out their business licenses. If a moving company offers to come to your home to do an inspection on what exactly needs to be moved, this is a great sign that you are hiring the right people for the job. Moving companies that give you quotes over the phone are most likely shady companies. Additionally, should a moving company ever ask you to pay a large deposit that makes up most of the amount that you will be paying in the end up front, this is a red flag and a sign that you should hire a different company.

Although these do not always mean that a company is setting out to scam you, or that they are shady companies, it is important to trust your gut when it comes to hiring movers. Do your research on different companies, read reviews from any website you can find or ask your friends, family, and coworkers if they have any recommendations, or even companies they have decided not to use, to save you time and money and in the end, to protect your possessions. You do not want to take chances when it comes to your belongings.

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