Avoid Items Getting Lost During Your Move by Being Organized

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When we pack to move, it does not matter that we took lots of care, something tends to always get lost. It doesn’t matter if we shoved the item in the wrong box, or somehow the movers actually lost it, chances are almost 100% something will get lost.

This Does Not Have to be Youready to move boxes

You can take steps to prevent this from happening to you, by taking a step back and think. There are ways to help minimize loss, and at the same time decrease your stress level from moving. Organization is the key word to moving successfully.

Finish Packing One Room before Moving to Another

You may think this is a pain, but after you move into the new place you will appreciate that you did. After you receive all the moving supplies, go around to each room placing a few boxes and materials for packing in them. Start anyplace you want, working around the entire room. Do not move to next room until this one is done.

A tip to making unpacking easier, and finding what you want in each box, take a sheet of paper and tape it inside to the flap of all the boxes. As you are packing each piece, write down the name of it on the paper. Now when you are unpacking, each box will show what is inside.

All the Pesky Cords

With the amount of electronics we have today such as TVs, laptops, devices for playing movies or music, gaming systems, and much more, you need a way not to lose these cords. Or any cords while you’re moving.

Your answer to this problem is, zip-lock baggies. In separate bags, place the cords for each piece of electronic. Now tape each bag onto the back of the device they belong to, stereo, gaming system, and such. At time of setting these items up after the move, their cords are right with each piece.

Label This Box, Label That Box, and Label That box Over There

On every box, write clearly what room it belongs in after it gets to the new home. Be sure to write this on the sides, as well as the tops of the boxes. Also, mark every box fragile, or show the right side up by the use of arrows. This can help ensure caution will be used when handling that box, decreasing the chance of something getting broke.

Take Control of Your Domain

To take control, make a list that states what is in each box. Also, add what room the boxes should be placed into. Now you took control over where everything is, and where everything goes at the new home.

Congratulate Yourself on an Organized Move

This may sound like a lot of work, but in reality it make the amount of work smaller. After you have moved into your new home, you will not have to run box to box searching for things. Be proud of how organized this move was, thank to you.

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