How to Avoid Costly Scams When Hiring Furniture Movers

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Whether you are planning to move across town or from one state to another, moving includes many variables and usually takes place in the busiest time in your life.

Nonetheless, we urge you not to skimp on the research that needs to be done. Otherwise, you may find yourself standing at the end of the driveway of your new home having a stare down with an unscrupulous furniture mover holding out their hand for another $1,500 that you were not expecting to pay. With them claiming that if you do not pay them the money that is required, they will keep your belongings.

When you choose a furniture mover, keep in mind that you are taking all your personal belongings that reflect your lifetime, memories that are irreplaceable and placing them onto the back of someone else’s truck to be driven away. Hiring any furniture mover without checking into them is the same as leaving your home unsecured while you are on a mover using dolly to help move heavy items

Do not let a furniture moving company hold your personal belongings hostage

The summer months signify the busiest time of the year for furniture movers, and when the actual professional furniture movers lack the ability to handle the overwhelming workload, scammers start to come out in very large numbers. The most common scams that are heard  about involve the transaction money, especially when it involves quoting one price up front and then all of a sudden they hike up that agreed upon price by hundreds or even thousands of dollars when they get to your new home, but before they unload your personal belongings. These scam artists will then double that agreed upon rate without giving any validation, and when you refuse to pay the extra amount wanted, they get back into their truck drive down the road with your personal belongings still on their truck, now it has become nothing other than a hostage situation.

Regrettably, when this does occurs, homeowners find themselves in a situation with little recourse; all they can do is pay the amount of money required and then hope to recover their losses from the furniture mover in a civil court battle later on down the road.

The best defense that a homeowner can have involves the research of hiring a good professional furniture mover on the front end. Keep in mind when doing your research that some of the biggest red flags of that scandalous furniture mover has are that they will require a very large down payment, they offer skeptically low rates, and they also refuse to provide you with an on-site estimation.

In fact, when looking to hire a furniture moving company in-person meetings will provide several of the most significant protections. Look for them to come and do a face to face in home estimate. This will help you to get the most precise quotation up front and will ensure that the furniture mover is taking a good look at how much of your belongings that will need to be moved.


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