Items Moving Companies Can Not Move

Hazardous Materials:

Moving Companies cannot legally transport flammable or explosive materials. Lawn mower’s & string trimmers can be transported but NOT containing fuel. So, make sure all fuel tanks are emptied. Leave the fuel caps off a few days before your move to insure a gasoline vapors are purged. Draining carburetors when emptying fuel tanks is also a good idea. The same rules apply to propane tanks & gas cans. They MUST be Empty before a moving company can legally transport them.

Aerosol cans should also be transported personally. Summertime can bring very hot days. An aerosol can in the back a moving truck with 100+ temperatures outside can produce unpleasant results inside.

Be sure your hair spray, spray deodorant, disinfectant spray, spray paint, etc are NOT placed into a moving company truck.

We love the 4th of July and fireworks. However, firecrackers & rockets should be part of the personal items you transport. If your new home is in a different city, be sure to check ordinances regarding possession of fireworks. Some city ordinances prohibit possession. Firearms and ammunition carry the same restrictions as fireworks. We can take the Gun Safe, but Not the Guns. Fishing tackle is OK.

Perishable Items:

We are all attached to our refrigerators and the good meals they provide. However, when it comes to perishable items, they should be excluded from your move. Imagine a steak that was inadvertently packed thinking it would be quickly unpacked, but because of a labeling mistake went to storage or remained in the new house for days. Enough said.

We are willing to move refrigerators & freezers, but Please remove the food and place in an ice chest shortly before your move. Take the ice chest with your personal items when you move. A few pounds of dry ice covering your frozen items will protect them for the duration of most short moves. Fresh fruits & vegetables also require personal transport.

Living Things.

We love animals and would probably make friends with your dog. However, we cannot be responsible for their transport.
Moving is not only stressful for you, it also effects your pets. Keep them with you during the move. They will adjust much better to their new home if their owner stays close during the move. Even smaller animals like hamsters & ferrets can sense stress and are reassured by their owners presence. Aquariums cannot be shipped with water, so make sure the goldfish have a temporary environment during your move. We prefer Not to take plants. Fifteen minutes or more in a sealed Moving Truck on a Hot Summer day will Wilt most any plant. Plastic plants are OK.

Personal Items:

Marvel Movers will Not transport personal items. If you have expensive jewelry or keepsakes, please insure these items are part of your personal transport. We will feel better knowing you are in possession of your personal effects.

Personal information fits into this category. Personal papers should be kept in YOUR possession until safely secured in your new home. We recommend you use the same caution with personal computers and iPods. We can transport Monitors & Printers, but Not desktop or laptop PCs. Any device that can be used to store personal information should be part of your Personal Move.

Marvel Mover’s hopes this information helps. We want a safe and efficient move. With your help we will have a good move.

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