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Moving is always a daunting task. Even when there are only good reasons for the move, the actual undertaking can get the best of anyone. This is why relying on professional movers should be a positive experience. It should not be filled with worry that everything will not go right, or resentment that it did not. Taking time to select the right mover should not be a step in the process that is taken lightly. A reputable moving company will take the responsibility of this, and allow your concentration to be on the rest of matters involved with relocating. Turn to the phone book and real estate agents when seeking a moving company in Arlington. These suggested names will be listed on the internet also, but it may include less than reputable businesses as well.

Do your homework before choosing a moving company

The worst case scenario to avoid is asking yourself after a move how something like that could even happen. The Better Business Bureau receives upwards of nine thousand complaints against movers annually. Nothing is totally guaranteed, but some knowledge of the whole process and a little research puts you in the right direction. Once a short list of movers is available, it is time to make some phone calls. Keep in mind; it is best to have at least three estimates. These estimates should be from local movers that have been in business for some time. A local company’s truck on the streets of Arlington is an advertisement; good or bad. The staff should be at their best in their own back yard. It is best to ignore any response if the estimate doesn’t require a home visit. Any estimate should be very close to the actual final cost. An estimate over the phone will lack in accuracy, allowing over costs to be possible. You should ask if they will be doing the move, or subcontracting. If another company is responsible for the move, they should be crossed off the list. The company you choose should have soul responsibility in all facets. Weigh out the difference in prices. There may be a variation in services, insurance, or valuation of the contents causing this. It is not always the best value to choose the least expensive price. A good budget mover could have a valid low bid due to efficient practice and limited overhead costs, though.
Look at not only the estimates, but the companies

Once there are at least three solid estimates, it is time for comparison. It is wise to visit the offices and warehouses of the companies in consideration. Take a look at the trucks on their property. Good business means taking care of the materials and tools that are necessary to their survival. Short of a truck returning from a long haul, a quick glance reveals the care taken with their equipment. Where allowed for safe access, peek into the warehouse or storage facility for tidiness and organization. The appearance of their grounds may be a reflection of the care given to your belongings. Ask how long they have been in business. Someone that has been around for ten years has established successful practices. Make sure they possess valid Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) licenses. Moving companies should be insured against injury to their employees and cargo value. A check of the Better Business Bureau’s website will show a history of complaints, if any. Be sure to discuss fully the options regarding packing and unpacking the contents other than furniture and large items. It’s quite possible that the movers will not guarantee safe delivery of items they have not packed. There are standard practices in packing that if followed correctly, severely limit the chance of damaged goods. If you desire them to have this liability, they will have to pack the load. If you decide to pack your own belongings, it is best to purchase the materials from the movers. Industry wide boxes are uniform in size, allowing for better stacking and loads less likely to shift in the truck. Be sure to communicate clearly to the salesperson the items present that will not be moved. The estimate should be presented in terms of load weight, not in square feet of volume. Leave no questions unanswered. They should have all your answers, or at least get back to you in a reasonable time span. Professional movers should not be taken at their word. They have the proof of good practice in documentation, which they should be happy to present. Pay attention to gut feelings. As in any business dealing, the moving company sells a relationship with its service. The interactions of their staff should leave you with an ease, not a question.

Wrapping it up

Once the choice of a good local mover is made, its time to finalize details. Arlington is a very busy area, and with that status, movement takes place in many forms. Take time to discuss the window of dates and times available for the move. Costs are less under a greater variance for the company. Limiting the opportunities comes at a price. Just be sure the agreement is specific and clearly understood. Professional moving companies all offer full value or replacement cost insurance. There is an automatic liability of sixty cents per pound times the weight of damaged goods. This means that a broken ten pound television would garner six dollars. Choosing higher deductibles on this coverage will lead to a smaller premium. The best staff under the best circumstances will not always deliver perfection. The time for realization of expectations is upon the customer now. There are, of course, pre-moving tasks for every homeowner. The day of the move, though, should be one of satisfaction and contentment. A job handled by a courteous and professional staff aids in that goal. Questions and concerns should be handled promptly and appropriately. This relationship may be short in time, but leave a lasting impression to be shared with friends and family.

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